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School club


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Activities of the school club - basic department

    The school club works from the end of the lessons in individual classes until 16,30 every day. The activities take place in the classroom or on the school yard. During the school year we work according the work plan for the particular year, that continues the educational influence of the lessons and the ones of the families. In our work we pay more attention to children comming from not stimulating environment and not well perfoming pupils.

   Everyday we provide for active rest, recreational activities and we organize educational activities through spare-time activities, collective and individual activities. Within these activities we prepare cultural programmes - folk dances for different events in the village. One of the most popular activities are technical activities, where we make different products - presents according to the season.

   Our activities are organized so that the stay of children in the school club was interesting and enjoyable.

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 Spare-time activities department of the school club.

  The school club organizes the activities for the 2. grade pupils. These are paid - pupils pay 50 Sk per month and they can take part in any of the activities. There are activities every day:

Monday   :  Unconventional sports

                    / for boys of 8. and 9. forms /

Tuesday      : Unconventional sports

                   / for girls of 8. and 9. forms /

 Wednesday :  Unconventional sports

                   / boys 5. , 6. and 7. forms /

                  Computer work – Internet café

Thursday    :  Loptoši

                  / for girls of 5. , 6. and 7. forms /

Friday  :  Table tennis

                  Streethockey – training


    We pay attention to sport activities most of all. The club works from 13,00 to 15,00, on Wednesday to 17,00. The pupils in the club can during the summer use the tennis courts and in winter the ice rink.





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