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Comenius - 2nd year

In the school year 2006/2007 we continue working on the "Customs, traditions and culture of our region" project. All of the partner schools succeded in applying for the renewal of the project for this year and so we can continue working all together.

The first activity of this year was the project meeting at our partner school in Latvia. It took place at the end of September 2006 and the headmistress of the school Mgr. Ž. Vargicová and the coordinator of the project Mgr. J. Hercegová took part. The aim of this meeting except for learning about the culture, history and the tradition of the host country was also evaluating the previous work on the project and working out the details of the planned activities for this school year. During the days spent in Latvia we participated in a very colourful programme - visit of the museum of a typical Latvian village, museum of "bread", visits to different types of schools, different churches and cathedrals and a wide range of other interesting activities. During the work meetings we evaluated "The best interpretation of partners´ legends" competition. This activity had started the previous year when the partners were supposed to draw a comic book of one regional legend and send it to all the partners. Then the pupils of partner schools had to make interpretations of the legends.  We evaluated these interpretations in Latvia and the winners were rewarded. Our school got three prizes for the best interpretation. For the last evening the teachers and pupils of the host school prepared a show of folk songs and dances some of which we could also learn. When the meeting finished we spent two other days in the capital - Riga. We had the chance to walk in the historical centre of this city and experience the atmosphere of the autumn harvest celbrations and typical street markets.

At the moment we are working on a cookery book - we translated the recipes of three typical dishes into English and sent them to our partners. Our next task is to choose one recipe from each country and try to cook them. We will take pictures of this activity and prepare a presentation of how we succeeded.

We are continually working on other activities like teaching our children an Italian folk song and a Latvian folk dance. We will make a video of these activities that we will show during the next project meeting in Spain.


























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