Variants of the curriculum


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At out school we teach in these variants:

1.  1.grade - Variant 3 - language - English language from the 3rd form obligatory, and also    in  the 1st and 2nd forms optionally.In the  0. form we teach according to the methodical rules of  Phare.

2.  2.grade - Variant 2 - it sets the distribution of science subjects in the total nuýmber of lessons We support science subjects - Informational technology in alternation with Practicum of physics, chemistry and natural history.

3.  Special classes for mentally disabled pupils - in these we teach according to Variant A

4. Integrated pupils in general classes - three pupils with learning disorders have special learning plans according to the level of the disorder, one pupil is taught in accordance with the learning plans of special classes Variant B





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