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     The building of the Elementary School in Ožďany is situated in the middle of the village next to the main road. Turn left in front of the catholic church and the main school building is at the end of the school yard - it can be seen from the road, it is behind the playground.

If you take the bus from Lučenec, getting off the bus you have to walk a bit back to the catholic church. If you take the bus from Rimavská Sobota, getting off the bus you have to walk also back to the catholic church, but before the crossroads to Poltár you cross the street.



Základná škola

   Hlavná 66

  980 11 Ožďany

 Tel: +421 475694163 - riaditeľňa, +421 475694581 - zborovňa
 Fax: +421 475694580
 Company registration number: 37888501
 Tax identification number: 2021670464

 Donative account:
 School: 6012792OO6/5600
 Donating 2% of the tax:contact the school, we will give you the neccessary forms


 School canteen:

 Supervisor: Erika Máteová
 Tel.: +421 475694581






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