Regional coordination centre of Ideal youth activity


Within the  Ideal youth activity   the following activity groups work at our school:

Loptoši – sports group, led by Mgr. Milada Valková, PE teacher

Stitch and spoon – needlework and cooking group, led by Mgr. Viera Kišpatková, teacher

Skilfull hands – led by  Mgr. Jana Vrbiňáková

Hrnčiarik – arts group,led by Mgr. Soňa Kováčová, teacher

Springlet – folk dance group, led by Csilla Horváthová, teacher in the school club

Pampúšik – drama group, led by Mgr. Marcela Batopálová, teacher

Dance hall – modern dance group, led by Mgr. Monika Kubelková, teacher

Školopovinník – group editing the school newspaper, led by  Mgr. Peter Ivan, teacher

Science group – led by Mgr. Natália Nôtová, teacher

Majorettes – led by Jarmila Jakabšicová, parent



 Leader:                Mgr. Milada Valková

 Number of members:       17

     We meet every Thursday, in case of favourable weather on the school yard, otherwise inthe gym. There are 17 girls in the group. We mostly concentrate on competitive games and ball games. End-ball, volleyball, corfball and wandering ball are very popular. We train individual playing skills, game combinations. We also train and improve passes. We concentrate on special dynamic training (speed, dexterity, strength, jumping, strength of arms and fingers). We do not forget about development of volitive, moral qualities and fair play.

         This group is very popular with its members, it is a way of efective spending of spare time.



Leader:              Mgr. Viera Kišpatková

Number of members:  10

 The activity of the group is aimed at the culture and esthetics of dining, living,clothing and the ability of making simple food in connection with traditions. The group works according the work plan and the kids have the possibility to show their fantasy, skills and they also need a some patience and persistence.

      There was a big interest for activities connected with cooking Slovak food: halušky, pancakes, herbal tea with dried fruit - it all was a big experience for the children. We proved thad food on a nicely set table does not have to be expensive to satisfy all the senses.

      The group offered the possibility for children interested in handycraft to acquire the bases of  hand sewing and sewing with machine.   Learning hand stitches, knitting, crochet and the neccessary skills and fantasy were a great experience for the girls. It resulted in great cushions for the chairs in their classrooms or small aprons and the pleasure from their products. We were able to repair damaged textile products: dishcloths, towels (used in group work).

     For boys we organized a workshop of wire work and we invited an expert  to it.  It was difficult, but bugs made of wire and stones decorated with wire will remind them. Also girls took part and they helped to make small jewelry. Making of friendship bracelets was a comparable success and it continued in Technology and Art lessons in special classes.

            To fullfill our planned activities - products of marzipan and houshold accessories made of salted pastry - we invited guests who showed us the secrets of this art. Childre took home decorations that they made themselves and that can be nice Christmas presents. For the Christmas tree they baked and decorated gingerbread. For this we traditionally save two or three afternoons. The aim of this group is not only to give an idea to the children but also to offer place and time and find those qualities that can help them in exploring themselves.





Leader :            Csilla Horváthová

Number of members:  10

   The members of the group meet twice a month. They practice different folk songs and dances. Once a month there is a meeting dedicated to "folk traditions of our region". They take part in different events in the village, where they enrich the programme with their folk dances.



Leader:           Mgr.Jana Vrbiňáková  

Number of members: 10        

    The members meet regularly every week. They learn about diffrent techniques and work with different kinds of material. We present their works on different occasions at the municipal office, Retirement home in Sušany. The members help with decorations at Halloween, the School Academy, Christmas, etc.



Leader          Mgr.Monika Kubelková    

Number of members: 10            

    Members of the group meet regularly twice a month. The aim of the meetings is to develop dancing, dynamic skills of younger children. The programme of work is aimed at practicing different choreographies in different genres: disco, hip-hop, classical dances. During the year we take part in different social events in the village or outside of it with our choreographies.



Leader:             Mgr. Natália Nôtová         

Number of members: 10             

    Members meet every week, mostly on Fridays from 1 p.m. to 3 p. m. The activities of the group are mostly aimed at developing the environmental sense of children. During walks in the countryside the members  get acquainted with the fauna and flora of the nearest region, they watch the presence and nidification of storks (action Little Stork), visiting Ekorelax in Rimavská Sobota they have the possibility to watch exotic animals and their life. Members of the group take care of the 150 l aquarium in the school hall. During the meetings we use the Internet to solve different tasks in " Coresponding school of ecology“ , that is organized by OZ Tatry.  Taking care of the common spaces of the school - flowers, Christmas decoration, enviromnental corner - are part of the programme of the group. We do not forget about health protection, practicing first aid and drog prevention.

Activities :

May 2005 –   educationally-relaxing stay at the Environmental Education Centre Drieňok in Teplý Vrch.

October 2005 – Chalk painting on the pavement – drug prevention topic.

November 2005 – Quizz "Live with the nature and don´t take drugs!"

                               Creating posters with anti-drug themes.  



Leader:         Mgr .Marcela Batopálová

Number of members: 12      

     The aim of this group is not forming an independent drama company, but more the development of the personalities of children through drama and estethic experience. During the year the members meet twice a week, if it is neccessary even more often. The members practice role play, short scenes, but also poems and plays. Improvisation and games prevail.

The children with the plays take part in programmes at the cultural centre in the village. They also enrich each School Academy. This event is a show of all the best that children produce during the year.





Leader:             Mgr. Soňa Kováčová

Number of members: 10     

      Hrnčiarik is a group that wnts to express the knowledge, imagination but most of all the sentimental relationship of its members to the world. It name comes from the neighbouring village of Hrnčiarske Zalužany, which is known by the production of clay casks, pans, flowerpots and other utilities. In our workshop we use our traditions and the children have the possibility to try modelling clay.  Our credo is "It is enough to play" and so we take into our hands clay or plasticine and  materialize our images. During our meetings we also work with other techniques, for example  making statues of paper, collages of different materials, carving into metal plates, working with wires, strings, painting textile or glass, imprints in  gyps and also painting.

Our product were shown in the  Municipal offince in Ožďany, our school and the Retirement home in Sušany.




Leader :              Mgr.Peter Ivan

Number of members:  10

       The members meet every week. The activities are aimed at the editing of the new issue of the school newspaper.

Members collect material, make interviews on actual topics, find jokes, aphorisms on the Internet, they choose pictures from the photoalbum, watch the activities of children.

During the meetings the material is selected and loaded to the computer.

The pupils learn the bases of journalism and interpersonal relations, communication and humanistic principles.





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