Activities of the school and the founder of the school


      The founder of the Elementary school in Ožďany is the Commune of Ožďany from 1, July, 2002. This period convinced us that it is more convenient to belong to the Commune of Ožďany than to the district authorities. There is a direct relationship and the common interest to keep the school in the village on a good level. A common law has been settled that the management of the school and the teachers pursue the quality of the educational process, wide range of free time activities, taking part in projects, by which we acquire extra financial support, and also the good relationship between the employees and pupils. The culture of our school is based on mutual confidence, tolerance and everybody knows that he is expected to fulfill his tasks consistently and carry out activities according to his skills for the benefit of the school and its pupils. We think that this results in the contentment of us all ; simply said we are a good team and help each other even in case of difficulties at work.

     Our founder, lead by the present major Mr. Ján Ďurčak, provides us with favourable conditions for educating children within his limits. In 2002 we lost a building where we had classes for forms 1. - 4. and Technology classes, as they were in a separate building that used to belong to the Church and it claimed it back in restitution. The Commune  helped us to create new places for education by rebuilding the school canteen and they also built a communal gym, where we have PE lessons till today. We cannot imagine what would have happened, where would we have taught, if it were not for the activities of the municipal authorities. In the following years inner spaces were re-done, an multifunctional playground was built. One part of the budget came from project, the other part from the Commune. In 2005, thanks to our founder and our cooperation, we had the whole school painted, includind the window frames, new doors and floors. We had also changing rooms constructed, where pupils change their shoes. In the autumne of  2005 the Commune of Ožďany, after a long administration process, acquirred money for the reconstruction of roofs, so by the end of the year we had our roofs reconstructed and we finally do not have problems with leaking. At the same time building of a new floor under the roof was started, as we do not have sufficient place for teaching. Our aim in this year is to finish the new spaces as much as possible, so that we can start to use them for teaching as soon as possible. The school also handed in a project through the European Community projects, where we would like to acquire money to establish a Science laboratory and a Language laboratory and thereby improve the quality of education in these subjects. The projekt is aimed at  " Project teaching for the pupils of 9.form", in that we want to use new teaching methods and forms to teach pupils practically use the acquirred knowledge. We will have the results of the project in April  2006.

súčasný stav nadstavby      nové strechy      využívanie ihriska ako klziska verejnosťou

May 2006:     Our founder acquirred money to add new classrooms in the attick and to isolate the building. We are looking forward to using the new classes and special laboratories in the new school year. You can see the process of reconstruction and the final work in pictures.

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