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Language laboratory        

     The Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic - Department of regional education, at the end of last school year announced a development project called "Language laboratories for elementary and secondary schools". Our school participated in this project through our founder and we got financial support to equip a language laboratory. The room itself was built by our founder while building the new floor of the school. We used the money acquirred to buy the neccessary furniture, audio-visual equipment and computer technology. We purchased 20 single tables with chairs, 20 wireless headphones, a mini hi-fi system, 3 PC sets, datavideo projector and a lot of language literature. As one of the main aims of the project was improving the conditions for foreign language teaching/learning in schools, the laboratory is used every day during school English lessons and also in the afternoons during group meetings or other free time activities.

      Except these the laboratory is used also in extra-school time. Twice a week there is a English language course for teachers of the school that follows after the 1st level of the course from last year which was carried out cooperating with a language school and ends with a certificate accreditted by the Ministry of Education. Then there are language courses for public - basic English and German (30 lessons each). The period of technical realization of the project lasts until the end of December 2006, when we will evealutae the project and will write an evaluating report.



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